Pizza Hut Cans Deliveryman Who Brought a Gun to a Hold-Up

Few weeks ago we told you about the Pizza Hut deliveryman in Iowa who was suspended for shooting at a man who faked an order, all so he could play stick-'em-up with the poor schmuck who drew the short straw. Well, today comes word that 38-year-old James William Spiers III has been fired by the Dallas-based company, in exchange for "at least two months' pay and counseling," according to the Des Moines Register. What really pisses off Spiers is that the pay's at minimum wage -- and "they can’t make up for tips." Turns out, after a little digging, that the company's done this before -- four years ago, even after prosecutors in Indiana decided the deliveryman was acting in self-defense. --Robert Wilonsky


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