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Plan B From Outer Space: Hunt Says It's Time to Get Going on Project Pegasus, S.M. Wright

Over the weekend, council member Angela Hunt posted to her blog a Schutze-quoting essay in which, yet again, she calls for a Trinity River Corridor Project Plan B that allows the city to fix the levees while moving forward with Project Pegasus and straightening out S.M. Wright's Dead Man's Curve, one of several transportation needs outlined in the Trinity River Corridor Project plan. She also was not impressed with Mayor Tom Leppert's performance during last Monday's press conference, where, she writes, he conflated the Trinity River toll road "with the entire Trinity Project to make any criticism appear irrational and defeatist." As for that Plan B, she writes:

I'm amazed when city staff tells me these other projects simply CANNOT go forward without the toll road. Bull. If tomorrow the Corps of Engineers came back to the city and said there is no way in hell we're letting you build that toll road in that floodway, would the city cry like a little girl and throw up its hands and say, "I guess we can never do Project Pegasus! We'll never fix SM Wright Freeway! That park will never be built! All that development that was supposed to happen along the park, kaput!"?

No. The city would regroup and figure out how to move forward on all the other stuff.

That's what we should be doing now, focusing our energies on Plan B instead of letting this toll road delay all these critical projects indefinitely. The toll road is never going to happen, and we can either accept that now or later.

I vote now.

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