Playing the Race Card, or: At Least Someone's Making Use of Fair Park.

My little brother used to have the LeRoy Neiman poster at right hanging above his bed. Last I saw of the thing, it was gathering dust in the folks' garage, but I remember that mess of a race like it was yesterday -- temps well above 100, the narrow track all but melting away, crash after crash. First and last time Formula One brought its race to Dallas.

Turns out you can relive the 1984 Dallas Grand Prix from behind the seat of your own Formula One car, courtesy someone named "Nericksennahetfield," who posted to the Web only yesterday an update for EA Sports' F1 Challenge '99-'02. Writes the programmer of his Fair Park track: "It took me 1 year and a half to do this from scratch. I had to learn from point 0 to the release of this track. I find it quite fun ... This circuit itself (heights, widths, sponsors, buildings, poles, bridges) is extremely precise in terms of the real track." Here's a peek at the track from Fair Park -- and, after the jump, video posted today of someone driving Dallas like it's 1984. --Robert Wilonsky

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