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Plaza of the Unamerican, Anyone?

Just what the heck's going on at 700 N. Pearl St., Suite 510? That's the question many folks are asking, as help-wanted ads like this one, this one and many others found in the Detroit Free Press, of all places, list an address but no employer's name. This has been going on for several months, turns out -- and despite the best efforts of all involved, the best anyone can come up with is that it belongs to something called Team Exceed.

Of course, that address is one of the towers at the Plaza of the Americas, and when reached by Unfair Park this afternoon, the building's management confirmed it's indeed the home of "DTI Exceed." Only the woman in the management office told us she did not have a number for DTI Exceed. And there's no phone listing for the company, only a fax line. Nine days ago, the company actually did post a help-wanted ad with a name attached: Halliburton.

Today, Carrie's Nation posted an enormous piece about the mysterious address and came up with the following conclusion:

I'm begging someone to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm forming my own opinion on what's happening based on all of these links that I've read. It appears that the Department of Labor, through its Team Exceed contractor, is working hand-in-hand with employers to post phony job ads in order to fulfill the job advertisement requirements for purposes of helping foreign workers obtain their Green Cards for permanent resident status. As Kim Berry describes in his Programmers Guild website, these positions have already been filled by H-1B employees. The jobs are posted, apparently with the help of American taxpayers, simply to collect resumes so they can been be nitpicked to death in order to disqualify every American worker who applies.

Mystery solved. Or not. If I wasn't on deadline right now, I swear I'd go over there to see for myself. Any takers? --Robert Wilonsky

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