Power Outage

Unfair Park may be a bit delayed this morning. Blame it on Oncor, which spent an hour last night trying to restore power at our NW Dallas outpost before, apparently, giving up. We've had juice maybe six hours on and off out of the last 24 and none at all since 10:12 p.m. -- one out of some lucky 200,000-plus area households darkened by the epic, record-breaking, tree-limb-shattering, middle-finger-waving snowtacular. It was beautiful 24 hours ago; much less so since.

Till we find warmer climes and a working electrical outlet, how'd you survive Snow Justice Snow Peace 2010? And: Would you like some slightly defrosted chicken?

Update: In the light of day, my neighborhood (and backyard) is a disaster area -- tree limbs that didn't find a soft landing spot have taken out rooftops. No doubt you've found, or are enduring, the same thing.

Update to the update: The kid's with me in the office, while the missus waits for the tree man -- because we appear mere minutes away from losing the boy's room. And the garage. Wife says I'm being melodramatic. Me? Never.

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Robert Wilonsky
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