Pre-Snub Agreement

It is as if they have locked up a delicious, taunting selection of Peeps behind impenetrable glass doors, and I can do nothing but stand outside, hoping beyond hope to be satisfied by their sugary goodness. Kind of. I mean, I desperately, desperately want to be a part of SnubClub, but I don't really want to put it in my mouth the way I do Peeps. But you get the idea, especially since I am apparently destined never to be a member of the SnubClub.

The club, based out of Dallas, is something of a mystery, which is probably how they like it. You put your picture on the SnubClub site, and if, after 2,000 ratings, you have better than 75 percent of people saying "yes" to your level of attractiveness (other choices include "unsure" and "no") then you get to schmooze on a secret site with all the other "yes" people. The site is organized by geographical location, and once you're deemed hot, you're in free for life. O, the possibilities!

I've spent approximately 40 minutes at three different computers trying to put my hot mug up for rating, to no avail. Their registration page keeps telling my photo file isn't valid. Surely I haven't gained that much weight since having the baby? --Andrea Grimes

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