Prepare Your Protesting Accordingly

You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why: A statue of a crucified pregnant teenager is coming to town. Not any time soon mind you, but that is the plan of Danish artist Jens Galschi�t, who debuted the statute outside Copenhagen's Lutheran cathedral to commemorate World AIDS Day, which happens to be today. He tells the Associated Press he chose a pregnant teenager for his artwork "because they are the hardest hit by AIDS."

And though he's been greeted with little controversy in his native country -- Copenhagen officials allowed him to put the statue, which is called In the Name of God, outside the cathedral, and the clergy hasn't raised a ruckus -- he could get a whole different reception next year. That's when Galschi�t plans to plant replicas of the statue in Nairobi, Kenya, the Vatican and -- yup -- Dallas. Alas, the AP story doesn't explain why he chose Dallas. Bible Girl, maybe? Speaking of, she'll be posting later today. --Robert Wilonsky


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