This cat wants you to vote for it, so it can have a better job than all of us combined.

Prime-Time Feline

Friday marked the first airing of Animal Planet's new series Meow Mix House. Big deal, right? It's the true story of 10 cats picked to live in a house and find out what happens when they stop being polite and start sharing the same litter box. But Dallas should have a marked interest in the show: One of the stars, Sam, hails from our very own no-kill Operation Kindness, and his getting to stay in the house the chance of his ultimately winning the prize of becoming the Feline Vice President of Research and Development for Meow Mix--I'm so not (cat)shitting you here--depends on his performance in reward-related contests. Seriously, like, his entire job future depends on how loud he purrs and how playful he is and probably on how much fur he doesn't shed, which makes it very much like working at the Dallas Observer. Online votes cast by the viewing audience also count toward getting the viewers'-choice winner a job with the company. Alas, the best part of the Mix is that even if the kitties are ejected from the house, they're placed with adoptive families in the city from whence they came. He's kind of like Angie Harmon in that respect, a real home-grown TV star, so make us proud, Sam.

Meow Mix House airs Friday nights at approximately 8:10 p.m. To vote for Sam, click here. Now. --Merritt Martin

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