Prison Breaking in Dallas

On Thursday, we teased that the Dallas Film Commission was preparing to make a big announcement about a TV show set to shoot in here. Turns out it was Fox's Prison Break, which is set to begin filming its second season in and around town beginning June 15, writes Ed Bark in The Dallas Morning News today. Makes sense: Producer Garry Brown's a Walker, Texas Ranger vet (assistant director, producer) and Dallas resident; and, really, what's better than shooting a network series in Dallas during the cool summer months?

And tomorrow's kind of a big day for the Dallas Film Commission: It finds out whether ABC's A House Divided, which shot its pilot in Dallas (much on the SMU campus) with Dylan McDermott, gets picked up for a full season. That probably ain't gonna happen: Rumor is the show about a brewing civil war between the U.S. government and a small Midwest town is gonna get retooled and might wind up as a mini-series. A more official announcement will come tomorrow, when the networks announce which pilots got picked up for the fall season. --Robert Wilonsky

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