Professor Proves That You Hate Dallas Radio. Why? Why Not. Look, OK, It's Science.

A Friend of Unfair Park points our attention to Rochester Institute of Technology new-media professor Michael Saffran's newly published study in which he reveals that Dallas residents are "largely dissatisfied" with the local radio. The study's got a Fiona Apple-worthy title: Effects of Local-Market Radio Ownership Concentration on Radio Localism, the Public Interest, and Listener Opinions and Use of Local Radio. And, at 76 pages, it's a lengthy read. But, hey, lunch plans!

But in short, we were among six cities surveyed (the others were in New Jersey or Upstate New York), and about four out of every 10 listeners who filled out a Web questionnaire in the summer of '07 expressed "'very little' or zero satisfaction with local radio programming." Says Saffran in the university's media release, "Many American broadcasters in today's era of 'big media' are not fulfilling their nearly century-old obligation to serve the public interest as stewards of the citizen-owned airwaves." Among the reasons people hate local radio? Because they never hear music from local bands. But, really, all the prof has to do is read The Sportatorium whenever Richie posts about The Ticket, as he did Friday night.

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