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Plenty of interesting items on the city council's Economic Development Committee's agenda today -- including Merten's fave, the convention center hotel. But a smaller item on the agenda deals with how the city wants to repurpose the old Hampton/Illinois Library, which the city walked away from in the summer of 2006, 26years after it opened on W. Illinois Avenue. The city's trying to determine whether it's better to sell off the property -- and the owner would deal with considerable zoning restrictions, not to mention a significant lack of parking -- or just lease the property, which is on the books for $516,750. Because, problem is, the city figures it'd take about $700,000 to redo the joint, though it figures it could make nearly $300,000 from leasing the place -- only, under one plan, the tenant would be responsible for the rehab. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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