Public, Private -- What's the Dif? It's Eye Candy, Baby!

In my e-mail in-box this morning was this message that makes a very good point about The Dallas Morning News and its coverage of the Calatrava bridges -- you remember them, right? Writes our new pal Kyle:

I grow increasingly frustrated with Bruce Tomaso's continuing inaccuracies in The Dallas Morning News. In his column, he states, "The sweeping structure, which will extend Woodall Rodgers Freeway across the river, is to be completed in 2010. It's largely being built with private donations."

In June 2006, during the concern over the higher than expected construction bids, Emily Ramshaw told us, "The $57 million set aside for construction of the Woodall Rodgers bridge includes $28 million from the city's 1998 bond program, a $12 million donation from Hunt Petroleum and $8 million from federal transportation appropriations. The remaining $9 million comes from a combination of state and regional grants and other contributions."

My math calls that largely public, not private.


Yup. It is frustrating. Especially because you get the feeling Tomaso thinks he’s doing a bang-up job as a reporter. And then you get the feeling The Dallas Morning News agrees with him. And then you get the feeling …. nah, better not put that feeling in print, virtual or otherwise. --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.