Puppy OK and Owners in Jail After Dog ODs on Heroin in Carrollton
Carrollton Police Department

Puppy OK and Owners in Jail After Dog ODs on Heroin in Carrollton

A Carrollton puppy is expected to make a full recovery after a heroin overdose in the parking lot of a Carrollton Home Depot.

Nina Crawford, 38, and Thomas Romero, 46, left the dog in the floorboards of their truck as the went into the home improvement store to switch price tags so they could buy items cheaply, then return them at their higher retail price, according to Carrollton PD. The dog found a packet of heroin and ate it, according to police.

Police arrested Crawford and Romero, charging them with heroin possession and fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing. North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic treated the dog, who is now being cared for at the City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center.

Carrollton police named the dog an honorary K-9 officer.

Although this puppy will survive, heroin is extremely dangerous to dogs because of how quickly it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Dogs who've ingested the drug often have pinpoint pupils, slowed or stopped breathing and motor function issues, according to the Animal Poison Control Center.

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