Put On Yer Boots, People

Get yer iPods ready, because I am using the presence of a rare Mike Nesmith recording to direct your attention to two other boots for which you will surely find a use. Just go here, where you will find, yes, a 1974 in-concert recording made in London featuring the Monkee from Dallas who's probably the second-most famous graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School. (Meat Loaf's gotta be at the top of that list -- and me, well, I'm like No. 284. At best.)

But while you're perusing the site, do take notice of two other items of interest -- one of which is rather timely, as today it was announced that Led Zeppelin is reuniting for a one-off appearance at an Ahmet Ertegun tribute show in London in November, joining the likes of Pete Townshend and ... Foreigner? You must, must grab the recently discovered (and leaked) Zep show recorded off the soundboard at Southampton University on January 22, 1973; it's the best live Led Zeppelin you'll find, officially or otherwise. Act now.

And while you're at The Big O, do take a taste of Sir George Master Five and Pete Best Zarustica's The Beatles Hate project. It's just like that neato Love thing, only without the feel-good. Or didn't the song titles -- among them, "Lovely Retard," "Drive My War" and "Bomb Together" -- give it away? --Robert Wilonsky

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