Put Your Head on Will Johnson's Shoulder

Will Johnson, at right, used to be "a drummer." Then he became a rock star. Now he's gonna be a movie star. Will. He's awesome.

Just saw on my boy Sammy Machkovech's site that someone's put chocolate in my peanut butter. See, one of my favorite albums of all time is the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds; real surprising for a former rock critic, isn't it? (Also like: Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Clash, Replacements and Velvet Underground. Shocking.) And one of my favorite people in the whole world's Will Johnson, better known for the longest time as the main main behind Centro-matic, duh.

Well, looks like a label outta Barcelona, Spain, called Houston Party--so named, one supposes, for the wealth of Texans on the label, though that's pushing it--has included Centro-matic on its Pet Sounds tribute disc called Do It Again: A Tribute to Pet Sounds, which sounds about right. Also on the disc are the likes of Daniel Johnston, the Oldham Brothers, Vic Chesnutt, Micah P. Henson and others, but where there's a Will, there's the best song on the disc: a Centro-matic rendition of "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)," the overlooked masterpiece on a record full of 'em. Sam's kind enough to include a download of the cut for yourself, since it's an expensive import-only release. Nice kid, that Sam.

In other grab-it-while-ya-can Centro-matic news, the MP3 blog Captain's Dead still has on its site the entirety of the band's anniversary show, which took place in Denton a few weeks back. Quality's good, at least good-ish. Check it out.

And I just saw on the Centro-matic site that Will's gonna appear in a new indie feature film called Salt Creek County, described as a "mythical dark comedy about a man named Raymond Colby, who after years is released from the local mental home." Will's set to play Clive Colby, Raymond's younger brother and "maybe the only person in Salt Creek County to ever really belive Raymond's tall tale about a giant bird picking him up and carrying him away." That's about all I got Centro-matic-wise. You? --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.