Puttin' on the Ritz

If you've been at all curious about the fancy digs nestled in the Ritz-Carlton that's been high-rising between McKinney, Pearl, Olive and Cedar Springs, and you've got some time to kill this a.m., perhaps you'll want to scan the for-sale Residences at The Ritz-Carlton. Turns out, according to today's announcement, many of the not-yet-under-construction Tower Residences perched next to the nearly finished 218-room hotel (with its own 70 additional condos, jeez) are already spoken for -- 49, by my count, and those places are going for between $700,000 and $8 million and won't be ready for another two years, give or take. Several others are under contract, sale pending. Who's buying these things, anyway?

More interesting, perhaps, are the so-called Regency Row homes that are also part of the Phase II build-out. They're "four free-standing manors" designed by Robert A.M. Stern that are intended to give Uptown a Midtown Manhattan look -- which probably explains why, every time we drive by the place, the missus says, "That looks just like the building from Ghostbusters." --Robert Wilonsky

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