Robin Arcuri will be making a point, or a few, downtown at noon as does bares all (well, most) for PETA.

Putting the Playboy in PETA

I don't know what your lunch plans are, but you may wanna change 'em--if, that is, you wanna see a naked


model gallivanting about Pegasus Plaza, at the corner of Akard and Main streets. From noon till 1 p.m. today Robin Arcuri will be out in the city streets protesting Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which is pitching its tent at the American Airlines Center July 26 to August 6. According to a release sent out by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (that's


to you), Arcuri will be clad in "nothing but shackles and covered in 'scars' as a result of violent 'beatings'--an everyday reality for animals in circuses." PETA's all about barin' it all these days; not sure what they're accomplishing with the

Running of the Nudes

through the streets of Pamplona, but I like it. Says the model-actress-


(by the way, that link ain't exactly office-space friendly) in the PETA release, "I'm here to expose what the circus is so desperate to hide from the public," says Robin. That's very, very noble of her.

--Robert Wilonsky

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