Race to the State's New Census Map

The U.S. Census Bureau sent to the state Legislature today the map you see above, along with details about the latest population count intended to assist with redistricting -- including numbers related to racial make-up and voting age.

Per the latest tally, since the 2000 Census was taken the city of Dallas has grown by .8 percent -- a far cry from the 20 percent growth experienced by Austin, San Antonio's 16-percent uptick, and the 7.5 percent jump seen in Houston. Dallas's population now numbers 1,197,816 -- making us the third most-populous incorporated place in the state, behind Houston (at 2,099,451) and San Antonio (1,327,407). Also, notes the Census Bureau:

The largest county is Harris, with a population of 4,092,459. Its population grew by 20.3 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five include Dallas, with a population of 2,368,139 (increase of 6.7 percent); Tarrant, 1,809,034 (increase of 25.1 percent); Bexar, 1,714,773 (increase of 23.1 percent); and Travis, 1,024,266 (increase of 26.1 percent).

Enjoy playing with the map at full-screen.

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