Ray Hunt, who's only following in his friend George's footsteps

Ray Hunt: Elevating Tensions Since 1974

One week after George W. Bush said he didn't know nothin' 'bout no deal 'tween his buddy Ray Hunt and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which allows Hunt Oil Company to drill for oil over the Iraq, a Bush Administration official's telling The New York Times that, yeah, it might coulda been a bad idea. As in:

A senior State Department official in Baghdad acknowledged Thursday that the first American oil contract in Iraq, that of the Hunt Oil Company of Dallas with the Kurdistan Regional Government, was at cross purposes with the stated United States foreign policy of strengthening the country’s central government.

“We believe these contracts have needlessly elevated tensions between the K.R.G. and the national government of Iraq,” the official said, referring to the Kurdistan Regional Government. The official was not authorized to speak for attribution on the oil contract.

Hunt, of course, is Bush's appointee to the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and the main reason Bush is getting his library and think tank on the SMU campus. And he's said to like his tensions elevated on a regular basis. --Robert Wilonsky

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