Razing Hell: City, Preservationists Still Arguing Over How to Tear Down Dallas's History

We've written extensively about the yearlong battle between city attorneys and preservationists over a proposed ordinance that would expedite the demolition of historic structures, both residential and commercial. Last time we got to this was a whole two weeks ago, when the Landmark Commission raised a host of new objections to the ordinance -- much to the surprise of city attorneys who thought they'd hashed out this sumbitch way back in March. But, yet again, the subject will get an airing at Dallas City Hall during a 9 a.m. meeting of the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee. The ordinance won't go before the City Plan Commission or the city council till it passes ZOAC.

The last committee meeting was surprisingly contentious; hard to say how this one'll go, as further proposals have been pitched and more compromises have been made since last they met. Unfair Park has obtained a sneak peek at the city's position: a memo First Assistant City Attorney Chris Bowers sent to ZOAC members this morning in which he outlines preservationists' concerns and the city's response to each one. Not quite as riveting as, oh, an episode of Schutze & Crenshaw, I know. But jump anyway.

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