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Re: A Dreamgirl's Potential Nightmare

Yesterday, we mentioned the Dallas Voice article in which good Baptist and Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson said, in response to a question about whether homosexuality is a sin, said, "According to the way we're taught, and what it says in the Bible, it is." And we pointed you to her blog. Well, she also posted something to her MySpace blog, and it's a more concise and emotional response. Wednesday, it turns out, was a "Happy/Sad Day" for Hudson, whose mood was, yeah, "depressed." This is what she wrote:

"It should be a happy day because I heard that the National Board of Review picked me as one of the BreakThru Actresses of the Year. What an honor. I was so thrilled when I heard. But it turned into a sad day and I can't understand why or how this happened. When you are up, people try to tear you down. Some paper is saying that I have a problem with gay people. Its just mean and wrong. My feelings are so hurt and I can't sleep. Anybody that knows me, knows that just ain't true. Its makes me so mad that people can twist your words and say anything they want. And, there's nothing I can do about it, except to say, please don't believe everything you read."

Best thing, though, is if you go to Hudson's MySpace page directly, you can hear her rendition of "Easy to Be Hard" from Hair. Never liked that song, till she got hold of it. Bet she's been singing it all week: "How can people be so heartless? How can people be so cruel?" --Robert Wilonsky

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