Re: David Lynch Gets to the Point

After the jump, a Friend of Unfair Park who works at Central Market sends a behind-the-scenes story about his Sunday spent with David Lynch during his coffee sale. Turns out, Lynch isn't a grind. Get it? Damn it. Is it Friday yet? --Robert Wilonsky

Love Mr. Lynch's answer to the product placement question. Incidentally, I work at Central Market, and have rarely met a more genuinely nice celebrity. I work behind the scenes, and when he wanted to sneak out back for a smoke break, I whipped him with questions for about 10 minutes, and he answered every one. In fact, before all this, he actually came up to me and shook my hand and introduced himself.

He and his handler asked me about finding a casual restaurant neaby that was cool with him smoking. I suggested Ozona as having upscale barfood with a great patio. They were down with that. My crowning moment as a human, however, was when I told them that while I was pretty certain that they had Heineken, I wasn't too sure about Pabst Blue Ribbon. Cracked them all up.

David in Lakewood

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