Re: Fantasyland

We have our first contestant in the Guess What's Wrong With This Article sweepstakes. A local brand-communicator writes in:

Here's my vote. From the article:

"This year work will begin on a $65 million bridge across the Trinity River designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Future plans, already funded by $1 billion in local and federal monies, call for two lakes, bike trails and an urban forest larger than New York's Central Park."

If I'm not mistaken, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge will cost more in the area of $93 million (they were only $28M off). Also, aren't we, like, totally short on funding the thing in general? There's this from the DMN in March:

"'Right now, we don't have the funding' for the third bridge, Trinity River Project director Rebecca Dugger said, 'and that isn't any secret.'"

Well, you're right...and wrong. See, it was a trick question: There's more than one thing wrong in the story. But that's a great start. Keep 'em coming. --Robert Wilonsky

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