Re: Hollow News

A Friend of Unfair Park read the item this morning about a federal lawsuit, and the resulting trial, alleging racial segregation at Preston Hollow Elementary School and offered this insightful anecdote:

"My son was a student there some time ago, with a different administration. The first week of second grade, his teacher stopped me one day as I picked him up to tell me he was having lunch with the kids who came to school on the bus. I am a little slow. It took a bit more input from here before I understood that he was eating with kids who didn't look like him (blonde with blue eyes). The neighborhood kids don't ride the bus. I was happy to explain to her that he didn't know there was a difference."

The trial, taking place downtown at the federal courthouse at this very moment, is expected to continue for a few days, during which DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa will testify. --Robert Wilonsky


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