Re: Mediocrity

Andrea's post below wholly ignores the fact that two very good concerts in the past few weeks, Dinosaur Jr. at the Gypsy Tea Room's Ballroom and the Books at Hailey's, either sold out or were filled to capacity. Neither of those bands covered Coldplay. Comparing national and local draws is a bit apples and oranges, but it's still proof that there's an audience hungry for compelling, unique music that doesn't pander to generic hits. Of course, cover, tribute and half-and-half bands have always done well in Dallas--how do you think those guys at Hard Night's Day rabbled up enough capital to open a bar? But in some respects, you answer your own question when you admit this was the band's debut concert. They didn't have advance buzz, radio play or a CD review to tout the show...that was the result of friends, family members and co-workers with time to spare early on a Tuesday night (though that fact alone will surely land the crowd-drawing Alamo Jet another gig soon).

Ultimately, no reason to give up--generic shit like Alligator Dave has filled up venues like Memphis for as long as Dallas has been overrun with preppies and frat boys, and great local bands have always had their share of huge crowds and barren shows alike. The new Club Dada has actually set out to combine the two audiences with a mixed schedule of cover bands and local talents, a relatively noble notion when you think about it, even if it's not the romantic, High Fidelity mission statement us Gator-haters wanna hear. But in the end, great music--the perfect mix of artful and catchy--always prevails. Check out the Granada Theatre on Friday night for Centro-matic, Salim Nourallah and the Baptist Generals' Chris Flemmons if you don't believe me. -Sam Machkovech

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