Rocky Presley's the artistic director and founder of Life in Deep Ellum, which opens January 20.

Re: New, uh, Life in Deep Ellum

Speaking of Life in Deep Ellum -- well, we were Monday, anyway -- they've just announced their box office is now open. OK, so their box office is Good Records and any Frontgate Tickets outlet, but tickets are now available for the venue's January 20 opening-night show featuring Lovedrug, Hendrick and Oceans Firing.

And, if I may clarify the earlier posting, Life in Deep Ellum is being touted as a cultural center rather than a club and has ambitious plans to provide the neighborhood with more than just arts and music. Artistic director Rocky Presley gave me the lowdown on the "life development" component: He says its mission is to provide community education such as after-school programs, rehabilitation and ESL classes. While the grand opening is the 20th, the classes are expected to start January 22. --Rich Lopez


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