Re: Pie in the Face

So, I see how this works. First we write about the money pit known as the Bama Pie Co. building in November of last year. Then we do it again in March. Then we do it again last week, after local blogtivist Michael Davis posted something on his site about the posts on our site, which appeared on other blogs last week too. Only after all of that do folks begin appearing to explain and distance themselves from the mess that allowed one man, Derrick Mitchem, to take $364,000 from the city to build a museum and, five years later, do absolutely nothing with the money except get himself a $1,500 driveway, a few new windows and a big pile of trash.

Lorlee Bartos sent her thoughts on the subject a few days back. Now, Jan Bridges, formerly of the city's Community Development Commission, has a thing or two to add to the topic:

"Well, I was Leo Chaney's appointee to the Community Development Commission the budget year that Derrick Mitchem successfully lobbied our board for the Bama Pie money. I spoke against funding the project and made a motion to remove the funding--which failed. This was Leo's baby."

Word is WFAA-Channel 8's Chris Heinbaugh is working on a story about the Bama Pie building. Not a moment too soon. --Robert Wilonsky

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