KTVT-Channel 11
No one has yet explained what those two women were doing in the alley to discover the cache of tossed-out books.

Read 'Em and Weep

On Tuesday, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll revealed that one in four adults didn't crack a single book during the past year. Among those polled was a local:

"I just get sleepy when I read," said Richard Bustos of Dallas, a habit with which millions of Americans can doubtless identify. Bustos, a 34-year-old project manager for a telecommunications company, said he had not read any books in the last year and would rather spend time in his backyard pool.

That choice by Bustos and others is reflected in book sales, which have been flat in recent years and are expected to stay that way indefinitely.

Then, last night, KTVT-Channel 11 aired this story about the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in the Preston Royal Shopping Center dumping hundreds of books in the trash bin behind the store -- most of them, from the looks of it, in good enough shape to merit their donation to libraries or churches or other charities. Highlight of the video: watching Ginger Allen getting kicked out of a bookstore. That might be just the kind of excitement Richard Bustos craves. --Robert Wilonsky

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