John Wiley Price
John Wiley Price
Sam Merten

Read For Yourself Defenbaugh's Report Concerning Constables and Kwanzaa Fest

Sam's just returned from Dallas County Commissioners Court, where John Wiley Price called a press conference to refute the allegations made in the latest Danny Defenbaugh report, which alleges that "at least 22 Dallas County Precinct 1 and 5 Deputy Constables were intimidated and coerced to provide security services for Kwanzaa Fest 2007 and/0r 2008, and were not compensated." This week's report follows Defenbaugh's 92-page report, released February 15, concerning his investigation of Precinct 5 Constable Jaime Cortes.

While Sam's writing up his recap, take a moment to read the report, which Price dismissed as a political ploy by Dallas County Judge Foster -- or, as Price calls him, "the accidental judge." It follows after the jump.

Defenbaugh Report Concerning Kwanzaa Fest


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