Ready, Quonset, Go! In Search of Ideas for the Real West Dallas of the Future.

Robert, don't post this item, because I know you won't, because I know you hate me, but this is something I posted as a comment on an earlier item, and then I changed my mind, and now I've decided it's too important and deserves its own item. It's about the Calatrava bridge and what to do with when it turns out there's not going to be a toll road for it be a bridge over:


Instead of everybody being negative, I think it's time to convene the design charette for the new development that will be spurred by completion of the Calatrava fake suspension bridge. I speak of the new community to be called "Ray's Gunshop Estates."

Tens if not twenties of people will flock to be the first to slap down earnest money for condos in the re-purposed World War II-vintage Quonset hut machine shops at the throbbing heart of this new super-hip urban village. Not only "walkable," but also, after dusk, "runnable as fast as you can-able."

Ideas, anyone?

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