Really, Nobody Wants Free Flaming Lips Tickets? Shame.

Really, I don't get it. Yesterday I put out word we had two pair of free tickets to tomorrow night's Flaming Lips show at the Nokia Theatre, and so far nobody's staked a claim. How's that possible? Trivia question too hard, maybe? Or maybe yer just burned out on the indie-cred rock show: Sufjan Stevens earlier in the week, the beguiling TV on the Radio tonight at the Gypsy Tea Room, Austin City Limits Music Festival in, ya know, Austin over the weekend. Hey, you don't want 'em, fine by me; I got friends, dig?

So, last chance to see the band that used to be the most local non-local band in Dallas (the Lips came down from Oklahoma and played here every other weekend back in the '80s, seemed like). Shoot me a note and lemme know if you want these; all you have to do is come to the office to pick them up by 5 p.m. today, easy as that. In the meantime, in case you need proof that the Lips are the best live band in the world at this moment, go here: Today, one of the better MP3 blogs has posted a few cuts from a 2003 Lips radio broadcast, including a cover of Pink Floyd's "Lucifer Sam." Me, I am partial to the band's "War Pigs" cover with Chan Marshall from an Austin City Limits broadcast some time back, which I've included below. Anything else you want today, don't hesitate to ask. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: At1:19 p.m., both pair were gone. But word is we have a few more, if yer interested. Because we're sweet like that.

Bonus Video: Flaming Lips and Cat Power Cover Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" on Austin City Limits

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