Really, Skip, You Thought Oliver Stone's Bush Biopic Would Make Sense?

The Hollywood Reporter got its grubbies on a copy of W, Oliver Stone's forthcoming biopic about The President, and the movie-biz trade says it depicts George Dubya as "a foul-mouthed, reformed drunk obsessed with baseball, Saddam Hussein and the conflicted relationship with his dad." To gauge its facturacy, though, the trade shot the screenplay -- most likely, an earlier draft than the one about to go before cameras with Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks -- to a few Bush biographers, among them Dallas-based Texas Monthly writer Skip Hollandsworth, who offers this assessment of a scene in which George tells Laura that he wished his paw had never been president: "That story was running around," says Skip, who wrote this piece about Bush in 1994. "But he was extremely upset later about [Ross] Perot entering that race and very angry. That doesn't make sense."

Neither does this "version" of the screenplay -- and, oh, only if it were true. And in case you missed this flavor of no-duh, Laura Bush is in town today and made it very, very public: “President Bush and I will be moving back to Dallas, which is where we lived." --Robert Wilonsky

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