Really, Tony, the Grand Lux?

Did you wake up this morning and go, "Man, enough about convention center hotels and Barack Obama and Trinity Parkway cost overruns -- how the hell are Tony and Jessica doing, anyway?" 'Cause if you did, it's your lucky day: They're getting engaged. OK, fine. So that's stretching it by a good 1,000 yards. But thoughts and theories are big, breaking news at Us magazine, which has the exclusive: Romo's "close friend of three years, Michael Starr," says of the Dallas Cowboys QB and the ex-Mrs. Nick Lachey, "I think they're going to get married." Which everybody thinks is swell, except half the folks posting comments to the Us site.

More interesting than the article: the photo of Tony, Jessica, sister Ashlee and boyfriend Pete Wentz grinning like prom dates during dinner at the Grand Lux in the Galleria. (What happens in Fake Vegas doesn't stay in Fake Vegas.) Me, I like this story better, if only for the headline: "Jessica Simpson Sued For ‘Hurting Millions of Fat People.'" --Robert Wilonsky


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