Redneck Heaven's Painted Breasts Are Now Drawing the Ire of the Fort Worth City Council

When the Lewisville City Council voted last week ago to effectively ban Redneck Heaven's signature Anything But Clothes Day -- a move that garnered coverage in outlets ranging from local alt-weekly blogs to iconic women's magazines -- the breastaurant didn't complain. It celebrated.

"My girls made it in Cosmo!!!" Jenni, the local chain's marketing coordinator wrote on Facebook. "The story is laughable at best. BUT this just means more people will hear about us!"

The number of potential Redneck Heaven patrons who read Cosmopolitan is debatable, but her point is well taken. Inspiring a local government crackdown on your breastaurant because your servers are just too damn naked is total genius from a marketing standpoint.

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And it's about to happen again. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram brings the news this morning that the Fort Worth City Council is also mulling Redneck Heaven-inspired legislation.

"If it's not a sexually oriented business and licensed appropriately, then all entertainers, servers, wait staff has to have opaque covering, and we're saying body paint and liquid latex is not it," City Councilman Danny Scarth told the paper.

Scarth's District 4 includes Redneck Heaven, a fact he somehow neglects to mention while describing its attributes -- "rolling hills, native oaks and thriving business parks" -- in his campaign bio. So far, he hasn't received any complaints from constituents but says he wants to "get out in front of it" before they start rolling in.

So it looks like Redneck Heaven will have to scrap plans for its next Anything But Clothes Party and hope its patrons can be sustained on a paltry diet of Bikini Mondays, Electric Cowgirl Tuesdays, Wash Me Wednesdays, Hot Summer Nights Lingerie Parties and Naughty Nurses 2013.

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Eric Nicholson
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