Relive Christmas in Deep Noellum

I see over on DC9 Pete's linked to an old holiday fave, the Old 97's performing "Holly Jolly Christmas," taken from the 1995 Big Iron release Honkey-Tonk Holidays: Christmas in Deep Noellum. The disc -- which also features the likes of Cowboys and Indians, Liberty Valence, the Mutineers, the Sutcliffs, Andy Owens and other bands beloved by us olds -- has been out of print since forever; way back in '97, we ran a piece about how hard a time Mike Mattocks had distributing the record. But, see, I've still got my copy, which is why, after the jump, you'll find three more tidings of comfort and joy courtesy a neglected gem worth rediscovering at this most wonderful (enh) time of the year. And, if nothing else, that cover -- which, if you click on it, will get real, real big -- makes me remember how damned much I miss Naomi's. --Robert Wilonsky

Cowboys and Indians: "Santa, Santa" Old 97's: "I'll Be Home for Christmas" Mutineers: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
Oh, concerning this last track, in '97 Mutineer Barry Kooda had this to say about the band's ooooh-scary rendition of its selection: "Man, that song used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid!"

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