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Remember, Oral Commitments Are Non-Binding

I dunno, I just love typing that phrase above. It's magnetically displayed on my fridge, and, yeah, I see your post-Super Bowl letdown and raise you a pre-March Madness abyss. This, my friends, is what we call the dead of winter. Since neither National Signing Day or a ho-hum Mavs win over the hapless Grizzlies freak you out, I've got news that surely will: Gents, you have exactly one week to remember you have a significant female in your life and get her something creative for -- brace yourself -- Valentine's Day.

Never fear, while you've been busy getting hypnotized by the most thorough (i.e., boring) coaching search in NFL history, I've been game-planning the perfect Valentine's. And by perfect, I mean, of course, getting credit for doing as little as possible. It's after the jump, and, hint, at least one idea involves homegrown panties.

Here's the play: If you're going to KTCK-AM's (1310, The Ticket) Ticketstock this weekend in Plano, you're in luck. I hear one of the booths will feature The Flower Pot, an Allen florist on hand to help you painlessly send flowers, gifts, etc. to your sweetie.

For those non-traditionalists who want to inject a little devil into Cupid, I 've also got a suggestion: $40 panties. I know, but hear me out. Frisco-based lingerie company Jules Jewels touts its product as "glamorous lingerie made of luxurious fabrics and adorned with brilliant crystals..." Translation: Make her look like a Mavs dancer. At least part of her.

"I can't draw or sew, and I've had no formal fashion design training," says founder Julie Rodriguez. "But I know that women like pretty things that sparkle, so I turned my passion into my business. Our product isn't jewelry and isn't underwear. It's better because it's both."

For a couple clicks and a couple bucks, you can send the woman you love to be with (as long as sports aren't on TV) some sorta romantic, super-glitzy stuff all wrapped up, gift card included. And the best part? You'll have to do lots and lots of detailed research on the site before deciding on just that right item. Well, won't you? --Richie Whitt

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