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Reserved Seats in Movie Theaters? 'Bout Time.

Reserved seating in Los Angeles movie theaters has been around a few years, and patrons love it. But, far as I know, that incentive has yet to make its way to Dallas. Till now: Studio Movie Grill sends word that it's offering reserved seating beginning pronto. Truth is, Schultz and his director of marketing, Tearlach Hutcheson (ex of Landmark, Magnolia and AFI Dallas), began beta-testing the concept before Christmas, though it was evident only to online ticket-buyers.

"And it did well," Hutcheson tells Unfair Park. "The funny thing is, we didn't even promote it, but from the very get-go, people started reacting to it. There are a lot of benefits: One, they know they can get the seats they want, and if you're going with a group, well, you know how hard it is to get more than two seats together." Then he mentions it's been a real big hit with parents booking birthday parties: "It's nice being able to make sure all the kids can sit together."

Schultz and Hutcheson picked a handful of rows in each theater -- "we picked what we thought were the best seats." But reservations are only taken if you buy a seat and $12 food-and-drink coupon. Ah, but no rushing to the googolplex and waiting in line and hoping like hell you don't get stuck in the front? Priceless.

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