Reunion Arena: Should It Stay or Should It Go? Go, Probably.

Been waiting for days to read the city's Reunion Arena update, which will be among the topics discussed this morning during a meeting of the city council's Economic Development Committee. Turns out, as expected, it's still a substantial money-loser:"Operating losses continue: $900k – $1.6m," reads the 17-page report made available to council. And: "City/DCVB continued to aggressively market Reunion Arena as a public assembly venue. However, City/[Center Operating Company] Agreement restrictions continue to impact Reunion Arena’s capability to achieve financial self-sufficiency."

Which is why the city staff makes two recommendations: sell the sucker or raze it, but make a decision no later than June 30, when council originally agreed to make Reunion go bye-bye. Woodbine doesn't even want it anymore, which isn't stopping some council members from trying to keep it open -- fond memories, perhaps? Because losing $1 million a year on an outdated facility is very, very Dallas. C'mon, already: Casino! --Robert Wilonsky


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