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Reviewing the Revue, Part One

Kim Pendleton and Shibboleth did the Five Americans proud -- and then some -- Saturday night at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

I intended to post today about Saturday night's Reunion Tower Revue, but Allen Gwinn's city employee credit-card database kinda stepped all over that. I'll have plenty to say tomorrow about the event, which lived up to my every expectation. And we'll have music from the night tomorrow and Wednesday, including performances by Chris Holt, Peter Schmidt and the great Bobby Patterson, the soul man whose heart was warmed -- and then some -- by the (relative) youngsters who couldn't wait to share a drink or a smoke with the man responsible for such immortal tracks as "She Don't Have to See You (To See Through You)," "How Do You Spell Love?" and "Quiet! Do Not Disturb (While I'm Making Love)."

But, thanks to Olospo's Tom Bridwell, who recorded the entire event, we do have a track for you right now: Kim Pendleton and Shibboleth's astounding rendition of the Five Americans' "I See the Light." It was the second song performed Saturday night, though you would have thought it was a closing number -- that's how climactic the thing was. Listen for yourself (for a very limited time), then check back tomorrow and Wednesday for more highlights from a night filled with them. And as you're listening, go here: It was, after all, a fundraiser for Family Gateway. Nothing's free in this world, not when we've stockpiled plenty of guilt for the cold, hard winter. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Kim Pendleton and Shibboleth, "I See the Light" (Five Americans cover)

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