Truck off: Who says we're addicted to oil?

Ride Me

Just spent some time at the International Truck manufacturing plant in Garland to check out the


(which stands for, er, commercial extreme truck?), a behemoth pick-up that's built on a trash-hauler chassis. This seven-ton, $93,000 (est. base sticker) truck stands nine feet high--or 10 feet, if you count the exhaust pipe--and can haul six tons. The top of pick-up bed alone is six feet off the ground. It holds 70 gallons of diesel fuel and gets about nine miles per gallon, not a big deal if you think the hysteria over an impending global warming disaster is a crock of sleet (as I do). Ashton Kutcher owns one, as does Toronto Raptors forward Jalen Rose. Jay Leno borrows one from time to time. International is also planning a Hummer-killer called the


, though it won't be built in Garland. Plant communications manager J.R. Neuhart says whenever he takes it out, the camera phones go out. He even tooled around Lower Greenville in the thing during hell-raising party prime time just to see what would happen. What, no parking? Just pull down a building. It's got four-wheel drive so you can park it over the rubble.

--Mark Stuertz

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