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R.I.P., Reunion Arena: My Eulogy (Extended Remix Version).

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Overshadowed by Reunion Tower and beset by bad timing and mediocre occupants, the arena petered out before its 21st birthday, giving way to American Airlines Center. At 29 and reduced to hosting Big 12 Conference women's basketball tournaments, X Games exhibitions and Barack Obama rallies, the un-venerable venue was imploded off Death Row yesterday, condemned to a legacy of never hosting a major championship-clinching victory for any of its home teams.

Reunion went out with a whimper last spring, its swan song a Spanish-language Christian rally. It lost $6 million over its last five years, not even functional enough to be transformed into a casino, church or the mother of all topless bars. In the end, Reunion's lone asset was its copper wiring.

It's sad to see the place adorned with yellow tape and addressed by a wrecking ball, but it needed to be exfoliated from our skyline. Just across town from a bigger, better, brighter building, it's an outdated stadium void of main tenant or obvious function. Hard to get jazzed about Charlene Tilton beeping your pager when Jessica Simpson wants to webcam.

It's called progress. Deal with it.

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Richie Whitt
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