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Roky Erickson Will Not Be at the Double Wide. But There Will Be Roky Erickson Music. Got That?

Ya know, if you squint real hard, Roky Erickson kinda looks like Brent Best, so you can pretend Roky was there, if you have to.

File this under "We are complete jack-asses" or "Blame it on the music editor." So, yes, this week's issue of the paper version of Unfair Park contained a Critic's Pick about tonight's Roky Erickson show at the Double Wide. Awesome! 'Cept it's not Roky Erickson really -- it's a Roky Erickson/13th Floor Elevators Hoot Night, during which Brent Best, American Werewolf Academy, Nate Fowler's Elixir, Van Zandt County Singers and others will be covering the legendary born-in-Irving-raised-in-Austin psychedelic rocker's influential output.

We apologize, though, OK, we and some others (howdy, "Hardline") were a touch confused by some info posted around the Interweb and an early version of the Double Wide ad we glanced at, where the words "Hoot Night" were far, far away from the words "Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators." But, hey, it still sucks for the Double Wide, because now all these folks are gonna roll up and feel like they've been bait-and-switched.

"We don't want anybody to think we did it on purpose to get people in here," says Chelsea Callahan, who books at the DW. "We would never do that. Tonight is gonna be great, but I just don't want people to be disappointed, expecting something else." So, again, our apologies. Just don't slander me. Oh, no. --Jonanna Widner

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