Carrie Underwood -- seriously, I know I should know the name, but...

Romo Not an Idol Speculator

Breakin' freaking news: Carrie Underwood is not dating Tony Romo. See? "He is a very nice guy and I've talked to him a few times, but we are very much not together." That's what the Amerkin Idol tells Beverly Keel of The Tennessean, who, I believe, was nominated for a Humanitas Prize for her work in uncovering the truth behind Romo's romance...or, like, not.

Me, I never believed it. (Or maybe I just didn't wanna?) Nonetheless, Underwood is eager to distance herself from Romo -- especially, it would seem, after his botched fumble agin the Seahawks a few weeks back. "The first time I ever met him was on Christmas, right there on the field," she says. "Everybody was like, 'Ooh, they are together.' And then I was blamed for Dallas not winning that game."

I'll be honest: I still kinda have no idea who Carrie Underwood is. --Robert Wilonsky


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