Ron Kirk Injured in Grand Prairie Car Wreck. And DPS Has Answers About Tollway Crash.

Didn't intend to end the day with three (or four, if you will) auto-related items, but that's how we roll:

First, this breaking news courtesy KTVT-Channel 11: Former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk, now President Obama's trade representative, was injured in a car wreck in Grand Prairie this morning. No word on his condition, but the accident sounds gruesome: "Kirk was hit by a ladder that came through his window [and] his left shoulder was impaled by the ladder." He's being treated at Methodist ...

And, this follow-up for all those who've been waiting on word of what led the driver of that Nissan to run the Pepsi truck off the Dallas North Tollway last week, I've finally spoken with Sgt. Robert Bernard of the Texas Department of Public Safety. And he says, simply, "The report is showing the small Nissan vehicle had a factor of unsafe speed, which caused the accident." Well, sure ... But was the driver of the car texting? Drinking, like our friend at DFW Airport? Asleep? Nope, says Bernard. But if the investigations turns up more, he says he'll let us know.

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Robert Wilonsky
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