Ross for Boss! And He's Got Charts!

"The Return of Ross Perot?" asks a The New York Times blog post this morning -- which means, awesome, it's time to whip out my ironically purchased Ross for Boss T-shirt that's held up remarkably well 16 years later. The Times site actually links to David Broder's Washington Post column from yesterday that pimps the Dallas billlionaire's latest venture: a Web site called Perot Charts, in which H. Ross goes down to the basement to film a video in which he warns of impending fiscal doom and/or gloom. "Today our great country is at a critical turning point," he says. "Not since the Great Depression have we seen an economic crisis of the magnitude we are facing today." Also, he will blog. The end of the world is indeed nigh upon us. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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