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Rounding Up the Urban Rodeos (Again)

Now that everyone on the Dallas City Council's more or less okee-doke with Mary Suhm's proposed budget -- Suhm and city CFO Dave Cook were damn near feted during yesterday's briefing -- it's apparently back to old business, of which there's plenty planned for today. At noon, the Quality of Life Committee will yet again round up the urban rodeos, which has been on the council's radar ever since the city shut down Tierra Caliente Rodeo near the old European Crossroads on Northwest Highway. It has since moved out to Hutchins.

Last we looked, there were but one urban rodeo in operation: Rio Rodeo at 704 S. Walton Walker Blvd., which looks awful fancy. But today's briefing and photo album lists three additional urban rodeos: Temporado de Jaripeos Rodeo (which has since suspended operations due to "heat and economy"), Silverado Rodeo (denied a permit because it's in a residential area) and 2534 Royal Lane, so's you know where it is (or was, as it too has been denied a permit due to "safety concerns"). Turns out, the Office of Special Events has guidelines for round-ups; the council's just adding further criteria, including min distance from businesses and homes. Which means I've got some bull ropes, chaps, bullpin releases, bareback riggings and horses I need to get ride of, real pronto-like.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.