Rubbing Those Salt Grains

OK. We're not about pissing on the FrontBurner flame. And I know after years of chasing down restaurant rumors that restaurateurs will deny they're closing right up until the time the landlord locks them out or they scurry off in the night with the Petrus and the Baccarat Crystal tucked into the U-Haul bowels. But it seems to me that if you're going to rumormonger, you owe it to readers, if not the industry you cover, to at least provide a restaurant owner the opportunity to deny the catastrophe you're reporting. So what follows is Tutto owner Rima Vidwala's denial. Are you closing, as FrontBurner reported yesterday? "No." Are you anywhere near closing? "No. No. I'm going to have to talk to the D magazine people." Are you, quote, "seriously ill, probably terminal?" "No. No. Look, we're not closing. It's been slow, but we're not going to close." --Mark Stuertz

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