Running Scared

From local immigration Fernando Dubove comes this massive missive about threats of immigration raids throughout Dallas and the state:

"What has kept me busy the last few days is trying to track down any truth to the calls I'm getting about immigration raids outside churches, Fiesta parking lots and Oak Cliff Mexican food reastaurants. There are a lot of scared people. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to confirm any actual raids. No clients who actually had a friend or family member taken. But LOTS of people are scared. I just don't know if it's actually happening, or how these rumors started and took on a life of their own.

I also spoke to a woman from East Texas on Monday who told me that the police in her town are pulling over cars full of Hispanics, under some pretense. Her friends car was pulled over because the license plate was 'obscured.' Once the police find that the driver doesn't have a Texas driver's license (because in Texas you need a Social Security number to get a license) , they arrest them and then turn them over to immigration. She says that happened to her friend, and that she knows of others, stopped by the police for vague traffic violations, where the car had all hispanics, and after their arrest, have INS holds placed on them. She said this just started happening. I am interested in this because this wouldn't be the first time East Texas cops pull people over for 'suspicion of being a Mexican' (or black)."

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