Russell Fish Has Worst Idea Ever. Ever.

And you thought I didn’t have any right-wing friends! Russell Fish, education gadfly and high-tech inventor extraordinaire, has organized a little effort aimed at teaching the kids at Virginia Tech not to be such wusses next time.

In Russell’s view, it is not the American way for men-folk, even if they are college students, to let women-folk get shot without dying first themselves trying to save them. He believes red-blooded American men should never go to their knees themselves and take execution-style bullets in the head.

So Russell has hired a bunch of self-defense experts, whom he is going to take up to VTech next week to give the kids a free seminar on how to stand up a little better to a mass murderer next time. You don’t believe me? See his Web site. Told you.

If Russell gets within 100 miles of Blacksburg before being vaporized by furious parents of dead and wounded students, he will surely set off a furor that will make right-wing campus stunts of the past look like Sunday-school picnics. I think this one will rank right up there with the people who stalk the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq and scream “faggot” from across the street.

Russell thinks not. And Russell is a very bright fellow. He says this will help prevent college-campus massacres in the future.


This’ll be on nayshnul teevee. --Jim Schutze

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