Sam Coats on Jennifer Gale: "She Was a Good, Kind, and Gentle Person."

For those who don't read the comments on Unfair Park, yesterday former mayoral candidate and class act Sam Coats, pictured at right, posted his thoughts on the passing of Jennifer Gale. I thought it deserved its own item. --Robert Wilonsky

During the 2007 mayoral campaign, Jennifer was polite and courteous to everyone. She was often funny and kept a bunch of "suits" (including me) from taking themselves too seriously. She was a good, kind, and gentle person who deserved far better than to die on the streets of any city.

Her death is yet another reminder why we should work to wipe out homelessness. Bottom line, people need housing in order to even begin to deal with the multitude of other issues so many face. As long as folks are on the streets, health issues, job issues, emotional issues, and educational issues can't be effectively addressed.

Please support the efforts of Central Dallas Ministries and the many other organizations that help the homeless on a daily basis. They are at the "coal face" when it comes to working to eliminate poverty and despair. If we truly believe in hope, it is the least we can do.

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Robert Wilonsky
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